Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Kelly Xi's Parents

I am writing this letter to thank you, the school district, the ILC, and all the teachers and volunteers  involved to make this program possible and successful.

It is the first time we let our daughter go somewhere alone in a long time. She learned how to take care of herself, and interact with friends, how college life is supposed to be, and more importantly she learned how the hotel was managed through such an intense course in such an excellent academic setting. I am very pround of my daughter who was selected, went through all the events, learned lots about hotel management and college life and safely returned. I am also very pround that our school district worked so hard to establish such a nationwide-only program for our kids. When I told my friends and colleagues, they all told me that your school district is great!

The kids were selected because of their excellent performance in school, but I keep telling my daughter that she has to appreciate how much work everybody else has done, to appreciate where we are because only our school district has made this. I told her that you went through this, enjoyed and learn lots, and you have to think how much you owe to the ILC, the school district and local community. We all have to appreciate the ILC and all the sponsors for their generosity especially during these hard times of our economy. I believe that all the parents share my thoughts.

I participated in most of the events prior to their departure, I was very impressed about how well this program was organized. It was not just the financial cost, it was the time and effort cost. Kids and parents were well informed with so much details. As parents, I could never prepare my daughter to go so far away and for so long without such very hands-on information.

Let me take this chance to thank Ms. Tiffani Neal for her wonderful baby-sitting job. As a pediatrician, I know well about the hormonal fluctuation and attitude of teenagers and how hard it is to handle. I know my daughter and I had to tell Ms. Neal several times to watch her closely. I thought I would have to call Ms. Neal to check how she was doing but I decided not to do so because I feel that Ms. Neal was a very nice, caring, and accountable lady. Obviously she did very well  and was able to handle these smart but very hyperactive or unorganized teenagers (if not all, at least my daughter is). Think how much work it is to babysit 8 kids, and how boring it must have been to stay in a hotel (where she has been previously) while the kids were on their own. She kept in touch with us frequently and brought all the kids home safe.

I also thank Mr. Don Gosney for his generous volunteer works. When I said generous, it is not just because how much time he gave, look how much stuff he provided free. He had to spend lots money and so much time to shop, and organize. As parents, I feel guilty for not thinking and doing enough as Mr. Gosney. I think he did more than any of us, the parents.

We should feel lucky that we have a wonderful school district team led by Mr. Ramsey. I believe Mr. Ramsey is busier than any of us but he was always there for all the events and I can tell that Mr. Ramsey doesn't like somebody being late. I told my kid and also suggest to any kid, one more thing to learn from this process and from Mr Ramsey is being firm and on time. I am surprised that our school district attracted so many local businesses willing to sponsor. It is not just the generosity from all the sponsors, but also the excellent leadership to unite the local business community with our school system.

There are so many people to thank. I think the whole process is excellent and flawless. I wish it will continue every year with more universities included so more kids from our community have the chance to go. I want my daughter to remember everybody who was involved for their help, kindness and generosity, and more importantly to return and give back to our community the care and help she received.

Sincerely yours,
Kelly Xi's parents

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