Monday, October 3, 2011

From Erinn Kuehne's Parents

Hello Everyone,

We would like to thank you so much for the honor of being part of this wonderful group of young adults and parents, sponsors, and volunteers. We want to thank you for all the help and advice. You were always right on target with everything that had to be done and making sure it was done on time. Everything was planned very well.

Erinn had such a wonderful time and learned so much about Current Techniques in DNA-based Biotechnology. She loved the instructor Jody Hall. She enjoyed the laboratory procedures and using her own DNA. She had a great time visiting the East Coast and experiencing college life at Brown (which we all loved). The program also helped Erinn think about her college preferences and where she might go next year. She learned a great deal about life and working hard, having a time management plan, and taking time out to have some fun. We enjoyed reading about her experiences and those of the other students on the blog. We were reluctant to leave personal comments but did keep in touch with Erinn by phone.

We thank Don Gosney for taking great photos and being generous with loaner items needed on the trip. Thanks to Sarah Larson, who was a wonderful chaperon. Everyone really enjoyed the time they spent together, especially the dinners and visits to different colleges. We were confident that our daughter would be safe and well-supervised while she was away.

We especially want to acknowledge and thank Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg for creating the Ivy League Connection and making it possible for so many students to participate in this unique summer program. Their vision, dedication, and hard work have opened up new educational opportunities for high-achieving students in WCCUSD. This is one great program that sponsors, parents, and students should be very proud of. Thank you for enriching our lives and expanding Erinn’s educational experience.


Charlotte and Don Kuehne

“I am today what yesterday has made me; tomorrow I shall be changed by today’s experiences.” –author unknown