Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rowena E. Mariano

I can not thank you enough for the wonderful opportunity you've given Courtney these past 2 summers.

2 - 3 years ago, whenever someone asked Courtney what she's planning to take in college; her usual response was Nursing / UCLA; not a shabby choice, I thought.

Then she got invited to participate in ILC in the summer of 2008.
First the UPenn 2008 summer program opened her eyes to the biomedical field; a field I wanted her explore.
Upon her return from Brown U this year, I hear her talking about applying at Brown, Columbia, UPenn, Stanford and UC and possibly taking Psychology as a minor/major.

Based on the ILC's blogs, Courtney's stories and numerous meetings with you, I have ascertained what a wonderful and safe (thank you chaperones!) program you have in ILC!
I hope you keep it going for years and years, so that other well-deserving WCCUSD kids get the chance:
1. To visit numerous campuses and expose them to university/college options outside of our state
2. To open their eyes to other fields of studies
3. To experience what college life is (and perhaps minimize the anxieties when they actually go away to college).

Courtney comes home from the ILC summer programs tired but enriched with wonderful memories of the things she learned & experienced and people she met.

In the end, whatever Courtney ends up choosing to take in college and wherever she ends up going, I'm certain the ILC program played a huge part in her making that informed and wise choice.

Thank you again.

Rowena E. Mariano