Monday, August 20, 2012

From the Parents of Molly Radosevich

First of all, our sincere thank you to the Ivy League Connection for providing a fabulous opportunity for our daughter, Molly. Molly attended a summer session at Brown University where she participated in a two week seminar on Women & Leadership. The course work, social interactions, and exposure to east coast culture will be of benefit to her for a long time to come.

Looking back on the experience, the Ivy League Connection is a very generous program. The academic exposure at Brown was excellent. In addition, the opportunity to visit a number of other schools on the east coast including Wellesley, Dartmouth, Brandeis and Harvard was huge. Molly is very interested in music and during her trip she was able to meet with and play for one of the piano instructors at Wellesley. Another door opened.

Also worth noting is that the ILC is not simply generous, it is rigorous. The application process included both written and oral segments which were challenging. Getting through these was not so easy, and the experience will stand all the participants in good stead in the future. The attention required to meet deadlines, timelines, and be on time is a necessary skill that will contribute to success in the future for Molly and her entire cohort.

No review of this summer could be complete without acknowledging the many individuals connected with the ILC that we had the opportunity to meet. What a stellar group of people! It is amazing they can pull this off year in and year out. And in particular we (and Molly) thank Jackie Timmes, Katherine Williams and Ms. Kaplan who watched over the cohort on their trip.

The ILC has opened many doors for Molly, and the connections she has made through the program will undoubtedly make a real difference for her as she navigates the waters ahead. We are grateful she was able to participate in what turned out to be a truly great experience for her.