Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Jobel Vecino's Parents

When I learned the good news that my son made it into the program, I was very proud but at the same time, it made me a little bit worried. At 15 years old, my only child will be away from home for a month! But after checking the internet about the Ivy League Connection, reading the blogs of the past students and most of all knowing that there will be a chaperone with them, it made me calm down.
One question we asked him though was, do you really want to do this? And since the answer was yes, we gave him all the support he needs.

The ILC has been very hands-on from informing the students and parents, helping the kids with their requirements and on following-up on them from day one till they got back from the program.

In reference to the Hotel and Restaurant Operations Mgt Program, I could say that he liked the course he was in. Even if it was truly a rigorous course, he was able to manage till the end (learning he only had 4 hrs of sleep each day) . He said, he learned a lot from the hotel industry as well as Power Point, Microsoft Word and the CHESS Simulation.

We could say that the ILC made him experience how college life is. He made a lot of friends and was exposed to different individuals, learned to balance his time from school loads to his daily routine. All these experiences, together with the upcoming experiences in the future, will make him a better person. And for this, we are very grateful.

The program is already perfect itself. We're just hoping that Hercules High School will be given more chances, in terms of more students to be chosen to be in the different schools since they have a lot to offer.

Lastly, we would like to thank the ILC, Mr. Ramsey, Don Gosney, Ms. Kronenberg, Ms Neal, the donors, the teachers and everyone who made this program possible. It was truly a great experience for our son.

We will never hesitate to inform and recommend this program to the other parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Vecino

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