Sunday, August 5, 2012

From the Parents of Narges Sahibzada

I had originally heard about this program from my daughter, Narges. When she first told me about the Ivy League Connection, I must admit that I was rather skeptical of it; it was hard for me to believe that such a program to help our kids and their future endeavors existed. However, by attending the various meetings and dinners I found out about the greatness of this program. I was happy to discover that the group of students that were selected to participate in this program were all very diverse and all from different religions and ethnicities. This entire program is a reflection of how much this district cares for our kids.

Upon talking to Narges after her return, I noticed how much she grew from visiting all the different universities and talking to different students from all parts of the country. She seemed much more certain of her decisions for her future after she came back. My wife and I are very thankful to all those who made this opportunity possible for our daughter.

Mohammad and Nasima Sahibzada

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