Monday, August 29, 2011

Sandi Potter Speaks

Well, I have to say that we had a terrific summer and the Ivy League Connection and Julia's experience at UPenn was a large part of the excitement! While there was a lot of work, coordination, and preparation to get Julia ready for her adventure, once Mr. Miranda and the kids set off for the east coast in the early hours of June 30th, we were able to sit back and watch her adventure unfold.

We followed the blog, received newsletters from the U Penn summer program (with photos of the kids), and on rare occasions, recieved a phone call. Julia enjoyed the stimulating and challenging lecture series featuring world renouned physicists and scientist; loved the staff at U. Penn; and especially relished the opportunity to meet young scientists from all over the world.

She learned, understood, and retained complex concepts in physics, which she applied in the laboratory and again on our family camping trip (when she returned home) - building excellent camp fires, operating the human-powered flash light, and teaching her cousins the joys of science.

Julia returned with a renewed love of learning, enthsiasm for higher education, and new friendships. We are so grateful for the generousity of the ILC and for the support of WCCUSD, that made it possible for her to participate in this life-changing educational program.

Thank you Charles, Madeline, and Don (and all the other folks at ILC) for your support. Also, I want to thank all the funders of ILC for making this amazing program possible.

Sandi Potter

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