Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Madeline and Florante Cuevas

We would like to express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the Ivy League Connection, especially to Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Kronenberg and the sponsors for the rare opportunity given to our daughter, Jackie Cuevas, in joining and being a part of the 2009 Summer Scholarship Program held in Columbia University.

The program gave the chance to our daughter, during such period of time, to be independent in choosing her future career, to really understand and experience ahead of time what would be the college life.

These experiences lead her to explore more beyond the perimeter of Columbia University all the possibilities out there that add to her interests. At home we discussed her three weeks stay, like how she was able to cope with the early morning chores without the aid of the second hand wake up call, be able to do a lot of things by walking around the campus, and was able to refrain from TV for three weeks, and other topics.

But the most interesting part, beyond what she has learned on her subject Chemistry, is her interaction with her suitemates. She was able to meet new nice people from different countriesand knew first hand their background and interests in life. Overall, it was a good learning experience academically and socially that add to her determination on what course she will pursue in college.

All these experiences and opportunities would be hard to attain without the chances given and provided by the Ivy League Connection. The excitement she brought back home made it easy for us, as parents, to know and realize what course she is inclined to take and what adjustments we have to make so we can support her in fulfilling her dreams.

In our view, besides academic determination and pointing out the path to take, there's more to consider, and that is the three weeks growing up beyond expectation. A lot of changes for the betterment happened and those were precious: time and effort (her) that can never be taken for granted. Jackie did an excellent job and these experiences made her a better student and person.

Thank you very much for the chances and may The Lord always Bless the program so that more students in the futurewill have a chance to experience the summer scholarship program.

Sincerely yours,
Madeline Cuevas and Florante Cuevas

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